Jeroen Bertrams

I invest in startups and I help companies grow faster.

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I focus on software, fintech, deep tech and web3. All stages, although I tend to stay away from idea-stage companies. I am a follower. You can connect on LinkedIn (always add a message) or DM me on Twitter.

I'm a former founder turned investor (and author of 11 books on growth, online marketing & strategy). I've had the luck to invest in many amazing companies including 16 unicorns such as Notion, Rappi, Snapdocs, Truebill, Branch and Carta. I invest both directly into startups from my fund Flood Ventures, but also with my AngelList syndicates (1 and 2).

For Dutch reading visitors: check out my latest books "How to succesfully invest in startups" and "Startup: from idea to exit".